Sunday, 14 April 2019

A Shared Vision for Aotearoa

There is no doubt about it, ‘together everyone achieves more’. Over the years we have all watched New Zealand’s political circus of punch and counter punch. When election time comes around the hype and marketing builds. Unfortunately some ‘over promising’ can happen and this of course comes with quite a bit of under-delivering once elected.  No matter how principled people are, they usually vote with self interest and who can blame them.

The current situation is no different.  The reality is, New Zealand has a combative and party dogma centred construct of governing. Under this model how is it possible to harness the best of what we have and have a fully unified, inclusive and powerful strategy ahead!

We have a choice. We can accept this as is and carry on regardless. To be fair, New Zealand can be proud of much of what has been achieved in recent times, including getting through in pretty good shape after the challenges of the Christchurch earthquakes, recessions and of course the global financial crisis (GFC). However, everyone would agree, the gap between those ‘who have’ and those ‘who have not’ is far too wide. Our education, health and social sectors are underfunded and operate in an uncoordinated fashion. That’s probably too harsh but a cross disciplinary approach would be more powerful.

A fundamental question needs to be asked. If you were responsible for a large number of people’s welfare and their asset base, would you set up a system of governance as we have currently?

I personally wouldn’t. I may be naive, in fact I know I am but the idea of a meritocracy of sorts has much merit in my mind. Democracy has to be at the heart of this.

I believe most New Zealanders have a very similar vision for our country. I also believe most would ascribe to very similar principles and values. For example, most New Zealanders believe in democracy, racial and gender equity, environmental sustainability, freedom of speech and so on.

If a shared vision was democratically settled on and then the agreed principles and values we wish to live by are agreed, we would then have the basis to create a shared strategic plan and related goals to implement.  These goals would be far ranging having targets across the spectrum of what we hold dear as New Zealand citizens. Of course these goals would need to be revisited regularly to ensure they still have the powerful relevancy and currency required.

Having a shared and ‘owned’ approach like this would take out the enormous amount of time we waste on petty and quite often personal political debates which cause division and take the energy away from what is important.

This would also take away the need for political parties and allow passionate people to put their hand up for election to New Zealand’s  1st XV who would take up the responsibility for leadership. I use the term 1st XV with ‘tongue in cheek’ as it is a parlance many would recognise. Essentially the best people for the job similar to a Board of Trustees. Right now, my vote would be for Jacinda to be captain and coach. I see many others across the parties who have so much to offer NZ but are caught up in party politics and ‘treading water’.

I like you want the best for NZ as much as a role model for the rest of the world as our planet is in a perilous state.

Before you dismiss this idea as nonsense, debate it with your family and friends as I know we can do better. Let’s get our best people on the park as together everyone achieves more.

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