Thursday, 29 August 2019

Boredom is a Great Teacher

Boredom is a great teacher. Without it there wouldn’t be any spaces in a child’s day to dream, wonder and struggle with time on their hands. Boredom allows space and opportunity for creativity and the development of independence.

Is your child running from one after school activity to another? Do you feel like you are so busy driving your children here there and everywhere that at times you feel over-whelmed? This is not unusual and it can creep up on you. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs you will ever have.
The reality of our world today is there is so much choice for extra-curricular activities. Children can be pushed to their limits and end up not doing anything justice. (maybe even compromising their team mates and/or tutors/coaches)  The result can mean over-busy days and children who are frazzled and often parents too! Parents are not always at fault as children can put pressure on parents to participate in things that look ‘fun’.
Making hard choices is a life skill and we as the adults need to foster this decision making skill. Children need down time to really flourish and grow. Being able to appreciate being still and chilling out is also a life skill. I encourage you to foster these life skills and that may mean at times you need to be an active influence on decision making for over-zealous children.
If the adults in their lives are also rushing about and frantic all the time, our children will come to believe that is how life is supposed to be. However, if we can model a slower pace and make time to ‘chill out’ and create slower paced moments, then we open up a more intentional dynamic of healthy living. Simple opportunities such as sitting down together for meal times, playing a board game, or cards, or going on a short slow walk around the block gives a strong well-being message and cements life-long habits.